Being Acquired

If you are looking to sell your business and believe that it fits within our portfolio, we would love to hear from you.

We understand how difficult it is to take the first step down the path of selling your business. At GAHN we only acquire those businesses we feel we can add real value to through our group of companies and their combined resources. The value we add through technology, streamlining the administration and operational aspects of the business or making the right resources available at the right time means that we respect the business we acquire as a going concern. We understand that time and effort have gone into your business, we understand the emotional ties that this has created and we understand the desire that the business continues long after you have exited. All of this makes us the perfect place for your business.

So whether you are business owner looking to exit a business or a professional representing a company that you feel compliments our existing portfolio we would love to hear from you.

Quality is the best business plan.

John Lasseter