About GAHN Capital

GAHN Capital is in the business of acquiring software companies within the hospitality, leisure and travel sectors. Our knowledge of the industries we are involved in comes through years of experience which when combined with our technological background puts us in a unique position of being a true travel tech company.

Our strategy centres around the fact we are able to leverage our experience alongside the benefits of operating a centralized shared services business to ensure that all our acquisitions operational needs can be met efficiently via our internal resources.

Furthermore, by ensuring that the acquisitions we make have a degree of overlap or connection with one and other, we have created a portfolio where synergy can be achieved both in the offering to our clients and through the cost savings at our own internal operational level.

The Team: The Acquisitions and Mergers Team is made up of individuals from within key areas of the GAHN Capital companies. With decades worth of experience in hospitality; travel and tourism; property asset management; technology and finance, we ensure that we fully understand the businesses we are getting involved with by deploying the best possible individuals from within the group to evaluate the opportunity.

Quality is the best business plan.

John Lasseter