About GAHN Capital

GAHN Capital Ltd ’s focus is to acquire, nurture and grow technology based businesses in the hospitality, travel and leisure markets. For every business we become involved with or acquire we have one simple objective; to make the right resources available at the right time.

When we acquire or invest in your business, we want to continue the day to day work of the existing management and employees. We help establish a framework of resources, operations and technology to improve earnings and generate organic growth. For owners looking for an exit and to move on completely, GAHN Capital Ltd offers a permanent home for your business.

GAHN Capital Ltd recognises, acknowledges and respects that every business is unique and built over time with dedication, financial resources and effort. This philosophy sits at the heart of our entire process and culture. It forms the core principles of how we negotiate the investment in, or purchase, of every business.

Our acquisitions team is made up of talented individuals with decades worth of experience in hospitality; travel, tourism, property asset management, technology and finance. We fully understand the emotion attached to parting company with the business you have created, nurtured and grown and our experts will evaluate how best to incorporate your valuable asset into our growing network.

Acquisition with a difference

We understand the time and effort that has gone into your business.

We invest in those businesses we can add real value to through technology, streamlining administration, operational expertise and making the right resources available at the right time.

Our shared services company, TOGIP Limited, enables our acquisitions to expand their goals by providing exceptional shared services.

Looking to be acquired?

Quality is the best business plan.

John Lasseter