Meet our members: TOGIP™ Recruitment

This month we chat with Jake Tebbutt Gilbert, the recruitment lead at TOGIP™ Recruitment, who tells us about his company and why he chose to cowork at DESKGO.


Tell us about TOGIP™ Recruitment?

TOGIP™ Recruitment is a new, independent recruitment agency based in Hampton, Peterborough.

We specialise in providing an affordable subscription-based recruitment solution to a range of industries, including marketing, finance, IT, software development, HR, sales, customer service, and ex-forces. Our main aim is to eliminate the extortionate up-front costs that come with traditional recruiting which means businesses will only pay for what they use.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at TOGIP™ Recruitment?

I previously served in the British Army before making the jump into the world of recruitment. With this in mind, I understand the importance of ex-forces personnel in the workplace and TOGIP™ Recruitment will champion anyone transitioning into the civilian world, wherever possible.

I am the Recruitment Lead at TOGIP™ Recruitment, and I take care of every step of the recruitment process for a vast array of companies in various sectors. I help companies, design detailed job descriptions to hook potential candidates to negotiating an offer.



What do you think makes DESKGO suited for your business?

DESKGO is perfect for my business because it has a great group of companies under its roof, so we always have great support and it’s good to get different perspectives from like-minded individuals.

There is a variety of spaces to use depending on what you need, for TOGIP™ Recruitment the booths and professional meeting rooms are fantastic, as I can quickly take a private call or set up interviews with candidates in a clean and professional environment.


In your opinion what are some positives about working in a coworking space?

The atmosphere and environment at DESKGO suit my style of work, I like the coworking community and meeting a diverse group of people. The onsite café is also a bonus when I need an energy boost during the day!


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