Meet our members: NL Clinic Peterborough

Our newest member NL Clinic Peterborough recently joined DESKGO and are using our brand-new treatment rooms to administer PCR tests. We chat with Nick Loades, a certified Swab Practitioner, who tells us more information about the NL Clinic Peterborough and the tests that are available.


Tell us about NL Clinic Peterborough?

The NL Clinic is a new accredited PCR testing facility based in Peterborough. We are aligned to the UKAS accredited North London Laboratory Ltd which has more than 10 years’ experience in highly accurate molecular and biological analysis.

We have created two fantastic (brand new) clinical rooms which are fully equipped and maintained with rigorous cleansing regimes including the use of an anti-viral fogging device. This enables us to deliver a first-class service to anyone looking for a fit to fly or test to release certification. We also offer Rapid Antibody tests and IgG Antibody tests, as well as home testing kits mailed to your door. There are a variety of turnaround times from same day to 72 hours for our customers to choose from giving them great flexibility when planning their travels abroad.

Our staff have been trained extensively allowing us to confidentially and professionally administer a testing procedure for accurate results.


Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at NL Clinic Peterborough?

My role within the clinic is a certified Swab Practitioner, which put simply means that I am trained as a Nasopharyngeal & Oropharyngeal Technician to administer the swab test clinically at our Peterborough base. We have had lots of experience administering the test over the last 2 months and are very comfortable with the procedure.

We find it is the fear of the unknown with this procedure that upsets the customers more than the actual test, so we would implore anyone to contact us to discuss any concerns and we would be happy to explain them.


What do you think makes Peterborough suited for your organisation?

We chose Peterborough because of its East Midlands hub location and after experiencing our own testing requirements for travelling abroad on business. There is very little option for anyone wishing to travel to get a test in the timescales required without travelling to London.


Are you easy to find and what about parking?

We’re located in Hampton, Peterborough and free parking is available at the front of the building and in the surrounding area.


What happens when I arrive?

Our receptionist will ensure you are comfortable whilst you await your test. Once you are signed in, one of our clinicians will take you to a private test booth to fully explain the procedure and carry out your PCR test. Your results and certificate will then be sent to you by text message and email within the chosen timescale.


How do I book my PCR test appointment?

All appointments have to be pre-booked using our online booking form at We have a simple online calculator to work out when you’ll need to get your test done and from there, complete the details of your flight, choose a time to come in and pay for your test all in just a few clicks.


Finally, if I want to book a summer holiday, do you think I will have to have tested ahead of my travel?

With vaccination roll-out rates diversely different across all parts of the globe, we fully expect travel operators, destination countries and return to the UK maintaining testing controls for the foreseeable future.

To find out more about NL Clinic Peterborough please click here.


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