The benefits of using meeting rooms

Meetings are an important part of businesses operations. Whether you are small business, freelancer or homeworker, a meeting room booking will allow you to conduct your business in a professional setting, without costly overheads. Whilst your local coffee shop might sound appealing, these spaces can often be distracting and unproductive. Using a dedicated meeting space will give your partners and clients a good first impression, whilst providing the right atmosphere to take care of business.

In this week’s blog, we share why you should hire a professional meeting room and what style of meeting rooms and booths are available at DESKGO.


Meeting Booths

Unlike a public setting, private meeting rooms give you the confidence that sensitive information will remain private and confidential.  At DESKGO, all our meeting rooms are soundproofed to give you the privacy you need.

Meeting rooms also offer a dedicated, password protected Internet connection to ensure your online activity is safe and secure.



Meeting room

The right meeting room environment can play an important factor in productivity levels.

Having a quiet environment without distractions can help your team focus and stop unnecessary interruptions.

If you work from home or from a small office space, you may find that you don’t always have the right facilities to accommodate your clients. Hiring a meeting room allows you to get access to modern technology and most importantly enough chairs for everyone!

When you hire a meeting room at DESKGO you’ll get access to:

  • Superfast Wi-Fi which allows you to get connected instantly with your smart devices
  • Aircon – There’s nothing worse than sitting in a stuffy meeting room for hours
  • HD televisions to allow for presentations, demonstrations or training purposes
  • Free parking
  • Our takeaway coffee bar

We also offer these services at an additional price:

  • Printing facilities – print, copy and scan any document via our office manager
  • Refreshment and catering services for those all-important meeting snacks and lunches



Focus on preparing for a meeting instead of prepping the meeting room! Meeting room hire has the added benefit of being ready to go with everything you need.

Using external meeting rooms can be a lot cheaper than using a restaurant or coffee shop to meet with clients. When you register at DESKGO you can easily book a space from as little as an hour, starting from £9.

Choosing a central location for you and your clients can also reduce travel costs and time to ensure no one is being expected to travel unreasonably.



meeting room

It’s important to have a spacious meeting room that can accommodate everyone comfortably without feeling squashed together. Unlike coffee shops, you can easily plan for the number of people attending the meeting so there’s no need to cram around a small table.

At DESKGO we have 2 sizes of meeting rooms available to accommodate for larger and smaller meetings. Our larger meeting rooms are suitable for groups of up to 10 and our smaller meeting rooms have a capacity of 3 to 4.  We also offer meeting booths which are ideal for private phone calls and 1-2-1 meetings to discuss ideas with your colleagues, work on solutions and close deals with your clients.


Meeting rooms provide the right atmosphere and environment for business, whilst making a good impression at the same time.

Whether you need a meeting booth for a quick brainstorming session or an impressive meeting room to wow a client, DESKGO has something to suit every occasion. Prices start at only £9 per hour.


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