Meet our members: Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson owner and Managing Director of M&L Accountants was one of our first resident desk members at DESKGO. We asked him a few questions about his firm and why he chose to cowork at DESKGO.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your M&L Accountancy firm? 

Deskgo resident desk member

M&L Accountants are a small firm of accountants serving Hampton, Peterborough and surrounding areas. With our expert knowledge, we are happy to advise you on all finance-related matters and we offer a personal approach to client management whilst always going the extra mile to make sure your accounts are up to date.

Why did you choose DESKGO?

I chose DESKGO because of the current position my business is in I don’t require a whole office which around Peterborough costs at least £500.00 PCM. Also, my businesses promote the idea of being the accountant of Hampton so with DESKGO being in the middle of Hampton made it a no brainer in my eyes.

What do you think makes DESKGO unique?

I don’t know of any other places in this area that offer the resident desk with the ability to hire meeting rooms as and when needed. I think DESKGO is a great concept and will become very popular in the not too distant future.

In your opinion what are some positives about working in a coworking space?

I like the fact that you can interact with different professionals and their businesses and hopefully be able to build great relationships.


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